Wine Industry

Engaging Wine Lovers – when they like to be…..

We are in 24X7 engagement world – no matter where we are. The world of wine is more so as consumer in US would be drinking a wine in the dinner at night while winery in Spain is working on the same wine brand. 1000s of customer opening the bottle of same brand at the same time.

An engagement platform should be able to make the connection between different stakeholders

Who are the stakeholders?

Wine industry has multiple stakeholders.

  1. Wineries
  2. Wine Trail
  3. Wine Event Organizer
  4. Consumers
  5. Wine Boards
  6. Wine Marketers
  7. Wine Stores
  8. Wine Critics

The stakeholders can be local , regional as well as global in nature.

What stakeholder like engage?


  • Extend web & print presence to mobile and social apps
  • Connect to the fans & customers

Wine Trail

  • Provide a combined wine trail experience to the visitors
  • Create experience beyond wineries such as associated restaurants etc

Wine Events

  • Provide instant information about the event participants
  • Collect intelligence of the event participants


  • Gather educational & commercial information
  • Participate in contents  and other affinity program

Wine Boards

  • Promote a region/country’s wine industry

Wine Marketers

  • Provide marketing services to the clients

Wine Stores

  • Participate winery sponsored reward programs’
  • Connect the buyer to the wineries

Wine Critics

  • Provide sponsored content for various stakeholder

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