Social network + content network + business services = Customer Engagement

Marrying social network to their content network will help businesses (especially publishing companies) to engage customers in the context of the answers or solutions they are looking for. Further , if additional tools and functions they need are available at the point of interaction, customer would be more engaged with the brand and products they have already purchased or intent to purchase.

Social networks ( both consumer as well as business ) are the platform where buyers are engaged with each others. Businesses should bring their content and tools to the platform where users are already engaged.

These networks are like traditional fairs where the customers gather and test out products. Traditional businesses should develop a strategy to be in the fair – both physical and digital platforms.

Publishing houses should develop business models around their content so that it is easily available on the networks. They should partner with the businesses such that content interaction leads to actual purchase or a trial product or services experience.

This is an opportunity for new generation businesses which can tie up social / customer network with the content network as well as product and service providers.

Enagaging customer on Foursquare

Foursquare and similar social network sites are instrumental in customer engagement. Here is a presentation from Foursquare which gives a comprehensive perspective of engaging customer on this site.

Be Local – mapping technology helps business to enagage with local customer

Customer engagement strategy has to be local in nature. Customer conversation has to factor in the “local” aspects of the customer.  One great technology available for business is geo-location or mapping technology.When a customer or prospect is placed on a map based on his/her address, it provides a set of valuable information which can help business to improve their engagement.

Key areas where business can leverage mapping technology are:

1. developing geographic / location specific marketing and sales ( engagement) plan

2. capturing clients attention if they have opt-in for location disclosure in their mobile application

3. optimizing Sales teams operation in terms of route / territory assignment

4. knowledge of shifting client base – hence readjusting the marketing plan

5. provide location specific data to clients so that they optimize their experience ( location of purchase etc)

Hence, customer engagement has to factor in the location specific information to achieve better results. 



Does App world improve en…

Does App world improve engagement ?

Business moving from System of Records to System of Engagements

Geoffrey Moore , the technology forecaster has published a white paper about how companies are moving from systems which records business activities to systems which manages engagements across the business – customer, employee community and shareholders.

Community as a mean to Enagagement

Online Communities has been one of the favorite tool of engagement for businesses. Communities has brought all different stakeholder on the same platform and facilitate online conversations.

Tesco’s Wine Community is such an example.

Some of the key features which will help in the conversations are:

  • Food and wine matching recommendations,
  • competitions,
  • a weekly wine suggestion,
  • regular feature on the best of the wine bloggers from across the web

Business which are setting up the online communities should have the ability to capture the insight to the conversations and act accordingly.

Here is a slide deck by Cerado about metrics should businesses track:


Businesses should have a plan how to address these metrics as an ongoing business activity.