Be Local – mapping technology helps business to enagage with local customer

Customer engagement strategy has to be local in nature. Customer conversation has to factor in the “local” aspects of the customer.  One great technology available for business is geo-location or mapping technology.When a customer or prospect is placed on a map based on his/her address, it provides a set of valuable information which can help business to improve their engagement.

Key areas where business can leverage mapping technology are:

1. developing geographic / location specific marketing and sales ( engagement) plan

2. capturing clients attention if they have opt-in for location disclosure in their mobile application

3. optimizing Sales teams operation in terms of route / territory assignment

4. knowledge of shifting client base – hence readjusting the marketing plan

5. provide location specific data to clients so that they optimize their experience ( location of purchase etc)

Hence, customer engagement has to factor in the location specific information to achieve better results. 




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